Enjoy and Earn- New Fantasy Game 2020 with MLM Plan
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Best way to Earn money after CORONA

Enjoy and Earn- New Fantasy Game 2020 with MLM Plan

New Fantasy Game 2020 with MLM Plan
Post on June 24, 2020

Enjoy and Earn - New Fantasy Game 2020 with MLM Plan

Well, fantasy games are not something unusual to hear nowadays. In the online world, the players are quite a pro at it. Enjoying the game for entertainment is fun for the player, and earning on the side lets you enjoy the cheese on the bun. For a player, it creates a rainbow in the sky but what about the company organizing it?

Well, it's a must for companies to be altruistic. Isn't it? The vision always needs to be set on a long term basis especially now when the entire world is shifting online due to the spread of the pandemic. The aftermath of the lockdown series has made global cultural diversity to switch to the digital fashion from selling to teaching, besides the prior in-house participants of marketing and advertising.

MLMYug has launched its novice way to bring multiple profit scoops for the companies of the fantasy game world. A new and diversified path of business developed with a strategic mix of direct marketing, e-commerce, and utilities, along with some additional benefits on the single platform.

We at MLMYug understand the aspiration of the Indian individuals to earn and while enjoying the fantasies of their favorite sports games and to build the network of likeminded folks to experience the absolute euphoria. So why not turn the tables, and let the two sides explore a happy medium. The fantasy gaming not only takes care of mental satisfaction but also build financial stability.

A Speed Walk towards Digital India

The new face of the country after the lockdown must not picturise the unemployed youths of the country, deficient family income, unfulfilled needs, and consistent search of good opportunities in the phase of increased competition. It can be dislodged by learning new skills, playing games, earning financial resources, and constituting a social network for an individual target community.

MLMYug aims to implement base to disseminate the differential services, products and create smart self-dependent entrepreneurs to help serve India better and produce a business market all around the world to regain the economic consciousness in the country. It will also help furnish the local producers for recognizable and easy advertising to sell their products and market their services. Simultaneously, the Indian network participants can help promote the platform to newer buyers and thus, expanding the network chain to earn huge profits on each sale while supporting mutual growth and development.

WHY Fantasy Sport is making people In India go crazy? - A Market Analysis

Several factors have made this fantasy gaming platform an industrial revolution. Every month, a new entrepreneur comes into being by launching its gaming platform and attracting a bunch of million sports maniacs to its network. Let's dive deeper and look for reasons.

  • Indians love to socialize and connect. A fantasy platform connects all the likeminded players in a single chain which increases their learning and skills in their favorite sports.
  • India comes 2nd after China in entailing the highest number of internet users around the world which makes it easy to market and create awareness.
  • The youth population of India exceeds any other country, which allows having unlimited markets domestically.
  • The teenage group enjoys playing and earning which comprises round about 356 million, which means they have no chance to fall.
  • Smartphone users have drastically increased from the year 2016 to about 300 million, which poses an effective vulnerability to the online market.
  • India ranks globally in the fanning of sports games especially cricket, basketball, and other games.
  • There is a humongous crowd playing fantasy games. The excitement and enthusiasm remain unbeatable.
  • They rapidly gain popularity due to amazing user experience.
  • The love for fantasy gaming is already augmenting the graphs.
  • The proper rules are followed which doubles the euphoria from binge-watching to experiencing it yourself.
  • Indoor and outdoor both are available creating a big market for companies and a substantial option for players.

How does Fantasy Sport Work?

The sports fans choose to be real players instead of just watching the match over, which doubles the excitement and makes the experience virtual reality. There is an online selection process, to assemble the fantasy sports team.

Players can keep track of their team's performance and ratings through various apps and mobile websites. Friends and acquaintances join the league to run and compete in the same, while some may team-up with strangers to enjoy a different community.

Who are the players/ Target market?

Since this doesn't limit domestic boundaries and cross international borders which increases its demand in a worldwide market. Near-about a population of 55 million was reported to be resting in the fantasy world in North America where 10% constitute teenagers, 19 % adult men against 9% women as per the recorded statistics.

The wealthier kids and men are more involved in it, which builds a good social repo to the game or fantasy sport as this influences the greater part of the society. Furthermore, these games are quite an addiction to the players, as they just tend to reduce the stress level of individuals.

How big is the business of Fantasy Sports?

The revenue generated by a fantasy sports company excels nearly to 1.5 billion$ annually. The advertising covers the major part of the revenue procreation. Many of the media and internet companies such as Disney, Yahoo, and CBS have become the major player of this business. This market mostly attracts investors with a sure shot motive to keep the profits flowing.

Is Fantasy Sports a legal business?

Yes, under the ‘The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act' passed in 2006 by Congress states that fantasy sports are valid under legal law as they are categorized as a game rather than a game of chance. The caution is given to betting on any performance or game. Besides the five states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, Nagaland, they are legal everywhere.

What is the Strategy to Earn?

  • The player can fill in the basic details and the referral code which entails some cash benefits to be used in the game.
  • The Invite and Earn is the next step after login, which is compulsory to progress forward which is typically a self-marketing technique.
  • Select the match you want to play, and then select your team, and other important officials.
  • Then you can play, win, and earn.
  • From time to time, the company launches some Mega contests, which lets you participate and earn a good deal.
  • These contests create a pool of contestants; make the individual earning in the form of points, and other ranking titles. The ranking earns you a handsome money amount, which the contestants earn while participating in different leagues.
  • The winning pool amongst a particular network prompts excitement and liability to perform the best.
  • Binary income, referral income, consistent dividend income are enough to keep the player attracted all through.

How Network Marketing can double the income from Fantasy Sports?

Since the game set-up, software installation, application creation, marketing, and advertisement by a known celebrity face, for the company involves huge amounts of costs, for which a guaranteed ROI is demanded by the veteran investors. Also, team creation, network formation can also involve quite a lot of time, experience, and skill to make a good chance on the dwelling opportunity.

Hence, the slow and steady effect to rise the initial income, awareness, and marketing is made by network marketing, which along with creates successful ways to earn money online. The network participants pass the referral code to their teammates, colleagues, family, and acquaintances, and earn further. Thus, more people are introduced to the game resulting in market expansion and minimizing the overall cost to the company.


Now you see that the fantasy world holds quite a large fan market making them the best place to earn for a large group of the population which simply prefers that the gaming industry has a wide future.

MLMYug is best known for developing an easy and user-friendly interface that attracts the player to earn and enjoy by the various techniques easily. The creation of the pools of contestants is a part of the MLM Network building process, which is created by the players themselves. Besides earning a larger customer market, advertisement market, and network market created by the users one to one by themselves, this is an attractive source of generating large capital resources which accords it to be a profitable venture.

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