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MLM Help Plan - Donation Plan - Gift Plan Software

The most basic and widely accepted in the MLM Companies at the International level is the MLM Help Plan. This is an attractive option to earn huge profit in an extremely short span of time.

The MLM Donation Plan is resourced on the basis of give and take concept, where a networker provides a single help to another networker, receives in return a donation or multiple help from all others. The plan is also renowned as the MLM Gift Plan.

MLMYug retains a talented team of experts involved in develop such Helping Plan Software for the Multi-level Marketing Companies.

Features of MLM Help Plan Software

Administration Module

  • Donor Management
  • Single or Multiple Commitment Amount
  • At A Glance (All Input/ Output Details)
  • Manage Storage Fund
  • Manage Help Link Auto or Manual
  • Help Traction History
    • Pending Help Traction
    • Accept Help Traction
    • Reject Help Traction
  • Manage One to Many and Many to One Request Send Help Link
  • Re-Assign Rejected Help Traction
  • Bank Receipt upload facility

Member Control Module

  • Set Commitments With Mobile Verification Code
  • Chating Option for Member
  • Manage Promotion (10 Manager, 100 Manager)
  • Help History
    • Send Help History
    • Receive Help History
  • Referral Structure
  • Growth Statement
  • Manage Bonus/ Deduction
  • Fund Request with Growth and Working Income
  • Wallet Statement(Level Income, Referral Income, Binary Income)
MLM Help Plan Software

Features of MLM Help Plan Software

  • Receipt - It gives you the ability to decide when to receive and how to receive.
  • Authority - You can maintain the necessary control over the balance of transactions.
  • Tools to transfer - The liberty over your monetary transactions.
  • User-friendly - The plan is simple and easy to use, as the features are designed to be used on a regular basis.
  • Fair - The fairness and simplicity of the plan attract more people from the MLM industries.
  • Network - It becomes easy to contact the members for participation and even manage all the transactions smoothly.
  • Saves time - A lot of time is saved due to automation and ease in management.
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