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MLM Help Plan

MLM Help Plan - Donation Plan - Gift Plan Software

The MLM Help Plan is the most basic and widely accepted among MLM companies at the international level. This is a great opportunity to make a huge profit in a remarkably short amount of time.

An MLM Donation Plan Software is based on a “give and take” concept, where a networker provides a single service and receives a contribution or multiple services in return. It is also known as the MLM Gift Plan Software.

The MLMYug Company retains a highly skilled team of experts who help develop multi-level marketing companies with Helping Plan Software.

About MLM Help Plan

Features of MLM Help Plan Software

Administration Control Module

Administration Module

  • Management of Donor
  • Commitment Amount: Single or Multiple
  • Overview (including input/output details)
  • Control Storage Fund
  • Control Auto-Help or Manual
  • Help History of Traction
    • Pending Help Traction
    • Accept Help Traction
    • Reject Help Traction
  • Control both one-to-many and one-to-many requests send help link
  • Re-Assign Refused Help Traction
  • Option for uploading bank receipts
Member Control Module

Member Control Module

  • Generate Commitments Using a Mobile Verification Code
  • Members Chatting Option
  • Manage advertising (10 Managers, 100 Managers)
  • Help History
    • Send Help History
    • Receive Help History
  • Referral Framework
  • Growth Statement
  • Control bonuses and deductions
  • Fund Request with Working Income and Growth
  • Money Statement (Referral Income, Level Income, Binary Income)

MLM Help Plan Software – Top Features

Receipt : It gives you the power to choose when and how to receive it.

Authority : You can keep the required amount of control over the overall flow of transactions.

Tools for transfer : The freedom to control your financial transactions.

User-friendly : The MLM gift plan software demo is straightforward and simple, and the features are utilized frequently.

Fair : The plan's fairness and simplicity draw more participants from the MLM sectors

Network : It is simple to get in touch with members and easily manage all of the transactions

Saves time : The automation and simplicity of management allow for significant time savings

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