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Blockchain Development

MLMYug is a top cryptocurrency development company in India that provides you with safer, reliable, and more transparent services. We provide you with the best Blockchain Development services that not only increase the speed of transactions but are also cost-effective at the same time.

With the help of our Blockchain Development, you can get tamper-proof transactions that are transparent, secure, and efficient, removing the need for any middleman.

MLM Matic Smart Contract

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is nothing but a digitalized tool that keeps your cryptocurrencies, keys, and holdings safe. Your keys prove ownership of your digitalized money and allow you to make transactions easily. There is more than one variety of crypto wallets available today -including paper wallets, hardware wallets, and online wallets. Out of the examples mentioned above, only Online Wallets are safer to use as they are protected by two-step encryption.

MLM Ethereum Smart Contract

P2P Exchange

P2P exchange is nothing but the short form of Peer To Peer exchange that allows traders to trade with one another without any centralized third party directly. At MLMYug, we offer P2P trading by matching buyers and sellers to facilitate the trade. Our platform not only helps crypto-market participants to trade directly with each other but also offers minimal to zero interference from any third party. The advantages of P2P trading on MLMYug are that it is a marketplace with many buyers and sellers, which helps you trade cryptocurrencies easily across the country. We have facilitated multiple payment methods on our platform, making trading efficient and fast. The transactions completed on our site are end-to-end encrypted, making it secure.

MLM Binance Smart Contract

Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchange is the peer-to-peer marketplace where crypto traders can do transactions without handing their funds to a custodian. At MLMYug, we offer decentralized exchanges for our dealers that rides high on reduced security risks and preserves the anonymity of traders. Get in touch with us today and get all your queries resolved in a single click.

MLM Binance Smart Contract

Crypto Trading Bot

Our site has enabled the facility of Crypto Trading Bots, which automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the sole aim of generating profit. The reason why we are mainly dependent on bots is pretty apparent as bots can work round the clock and do not need any rest. The execution time of bots is pretty fast than humans. Robots are emotionless and hence will make the right decision at the time of need. The chunks of data processed by robots are much higher than by humans.

MLM Tezos (XTZ) Smart Contract

Cryptocurrency Exchange

MLMYug also provides its users with a crypto exchange, a platform where you can easily trade cryptocurrency. With the help of our exchange, you can also get a clear picture of the current market prices of the cryptocurrency. Apart from this, various additional factors make our Cryptocurrency Exchange numero uno in the market. These include ease of accessibility, security, liquidity, and the vast number of coins offered. In addition, we provide specific data backing up and support services that make our exchange the best in all aspects.

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