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MLM Uni-Level Plan

The MLM Uni-Level Plan is a very easy and fruitful MLM plan for MLM companies as well as members. This plan is simple, because it contains only one level. And it is highly fruitful because it allows the members to add as many members in width as they want and each member earns for each other. This is the reason why many people prefer joining this plan and many MLM companies prefer investing their time and money in this plan.

MLMYug, a reputed software development company in India offers cutting-edge MLM Uni-Level Plan software development services for its valued clients. This plan is quite simple, but we make it simpler with our powerful software. And this plan is already fruitful but we add extra bit of profitability with our technical and business expertise.

Binary MLM Plan

What is MLM Uni-Level Plan ?

As the name suggests, this plan has a single level in downline. A member can add only one member in his dowline. However, he can add as many members as he wants in width, and each of them makes money for him. Also, other members have to follow the same formula. The profits are shared between all members in a level.

The width and depth of this plan can be customized by the MLM Company. Many companies prefer going with the standard guidelines, but some companies also decide customized levels to make this plan more attractive and beneficial. Still, the simplicity of this plan remains intact, making it super easy to manage for the members as well as the company.

The plan got immense popularity after reading and seeing great success of few people who joined and invested in this plan. Today, it is one of the most popular plans in MLM industry, for two reasons. One, it is easy to design and execute therefore MLM companies prefer going with this. Second, it offers great compensation thus people get more interested in it. In fact, it is one of those plans where success is fully assured.

Why you should choose in MLM Uni-Level Plan ?

Due to the fact that this plan has only one level, it is always easy for you to manage it. First, you do not require any specializing tool or skills to manage this plan, which saves great on your costs. Next, this plan is fully taken care of by the members only, so you again do not have to invest your money and energy in looking after the processes.

However, the biggest advantage of this plan is its unlimited width that makes the real money for you. Every member added in the plan makes money for you, but the members are only paid off when they meet certain criteria. Again, the criteria in this plan are very simple which draw quick and easy money for you. MLM Uni-Level Plan is one of those MLM plans known for big money making. Perhaps this is the reason why people starting their own MLM business prefer starting with this plan, because they want something which is easy to work with and still draws great cash in their account.

Open the doors of success in the MLM industry with us. Contact Us to create a fully-fledged MLM Uni-Level Plan Software for you. We promise you best quality, affordability and timely delivery of your software.

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