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MLM Matrix Plan

The MLM Matrix Plan is a popular MLM compensation plan, and is also known as Forced Matrix Plan that works on the principal of compensation structure of width and depth. The compensation in this plan is calculated with the formula of width*depth. The biggest feature of this plan is its limited width and limited number of users that make it risk free and easy to handle for MLM companies. This plan is popular due to the high earning potential and simplicity.

People want to join this plan due to its ability to spillover, which means, the downline members earn for members above them. As the new members are added in downline, more will be the benefit for everyone involved in the plan. Also, this plan is highly customizable and you may add extra features as per your requirements. MLMYug helps you create the standard MLM Matrix Plan software and also assist you to add as many features as you want.

How MLM Matrix Plan Works ?

The MLM Matrix Plan works in a very simple way. Generally, it has a limited number of distributors at each level. The most popular Matrix plans are 3x7, 4x7, 5x7, 3x9 and 2x12. Once you reach the maximum limit at the first level, the matrix spills over and next members are added to the next level. Those members are then invited to add more members below them, and it keeps going on. As you get more members below you, the benefits keep reaching you. Therefore, it provides you immense earning possibilities.

Let's take an example of 3x7 Matrix Plan. It has 3 members at each level, and goes till 7th level. The first level has three members; second level has 9 members and so on. The seventh level thus has 2,187, making a total of 3,279 members in the plan. You start earning as the network builds on, and all members earn for you as long as the plan works.

Some Matrix Plans also have added features like adding members and distributors directly generating income for you. It is up to you how you want to make your plan look like. Adding extra features make this plan more powerful, effective and eye-catching.

Benefits of MLM Matrix Plan

For MLM companies starting their business in expectation of making huge money, MLM Matrix Plan is the ideal approach to start with. This is due to the reason that the MLM Matrix Plan is one of those MLM plans that promises fastest money-making opportunities. You start earning as soon as you start your business, and you continue earning as long as your plan runs. All you need is putting some efforts in beginning, and then, your members in the business will earn for you.

The matrix in this plan grows so rapidly that it reaches the millions mark even before you blink. You just have to put your efforts in starting the first level in the matrix, and then it comes to the existing members to grow the list. And because the number of members multiplies in each down-line level, your earning also multiplies as the number of members grows. And the best thing is – you do not have to look after anything to grow the chain as the people below you are taking care of everything.

If you are planning to start your MLM business and want to make most of it, an MLM Matrix Plan is the best choice for you. However, you will need best quality matrix plan software to run your plan for profitability. Contact us today and allow us to design that software for you that give you the freedom, profits and reputation in the MLM industry.

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