Board MLM Plan
Post on November 3, 2019

Board MLM Plan / Matrix Cycle MLM Plan

MLM Board Plan, also known as Revolving Matrix Plan is one of the most popular MLM plans for limited number of members. This plan got popularity due to the reason that this can be easily played between a few people, friends, colleagues and even family members. And because there are limited members in a board, managing this plan is very easy and payouts are also great.

The Board MLM Plan got the name because it has a few team members in a board, helping each other to grow. The number of allowed members in a board is set by the MLM Company. When the number of members exceeds the specified limit, the board is split into two sub-boards or sub groups, and the best member is promoted to the higher level. This keeps repeating every time a board reaches the maximum allowed members.

MLMYug has great expertise in designing Board MLM Plans and we have helped a handful of MLM companies succeed in the network marketing field with this plan. We offer you some standard plans to start with that are proven to be effective and successful, and we can also customize a unique plan for you as per your distinct requirements. With a team of skilled developers and analysts, we bring on the table the ideas that fuel your business and create an ideal channel for your customers.

How Does MLMM Board Plan Work ?

Upon joining the MLM Board Plan, you are provided with a blank board with a number of columns and rows. The dimensions of the board may vary from one company to another. Members get compensation upon filling the columns with new associates, or members.

The MLM Board Plan works on two-legs concept, which means, each level is restricted to two legs only. This is one of the few MLM plans where members have to pay a joining fee, which makes sure you start earning from the day you start your MLM business. For members, it's equally beneficial as the MLM Company pays two times the joining fee upon completion of each level. You, as the admin, may set the commission amount.

Popular MLM Board Plans

  • Single Board
  • Multi-Board
  • Shuffling Board
  • Auto Filling Board
  • Manual Filling Board

Features of our Board MLM Plan :

Our plans are easy-to-use, customized, powerful and can manage unlimited number of nodes in your tree. Some of the common features that we offer are:

  • Cross Matrix Board Plan
  • Unlimited Income Board Plan
  • Recycle Entry in Board
  • Automated member promotion
  • Level management
  • Automated board splitting
  • Detailed Board Reports
  • Board searching & member searching

Along with these, we are also open to introduce new features as per your needs. Our analysts and experts work hand-in-hand with you throughout the plan designing process, and we make sure you achieve your desired results with our solutions.

The MLM industry is changing rapidly, and standard solutions are no more effective. Achieving success in this industry demands a hawk-eye projection on latest trends and designing the solutions accordingly. At MLMYug, we do all this for you. We work for your success, and we understand that our success entirely depends upon yours.

If you are looking for a seasoned development partner who does not only design a customized Board MLM Plan Software for you but also assists you in attaining utmost success in your business, contact us with your requirements. We are here to offer you the best possible solutions.

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