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NBFC Software - Non-Banking Financial Company Software

The NBFC means Non-Banking Financial Companies registered under the Companies Act and works for advances and loans, bonds, share acquisition, debentures, stocks, securities. Such companies are not involved in the business for industrial, agriculture, sale or purchase of products, construction services.

NBFC is a company which accepts deposits under the particular scheme or in installments and provides loans for other customers or business personnel who required loan. NBFC companies make investments to grow their investment fund so that they can provide maturity amount to depositors. NBFC cannot accept demand deposits. There are various types of NBFC Company:

  • Asset Finance Company (AFC)
  • Investment Company (IC)
  • Loan Company (LC)
  • Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC)
  • Systemically Important Core Investment Company
  • Infrastructure Debt Fund

MLMYug is one of leading NBFC Software development company from India who develops NBFC Software, Loan Software for such companies to start their business smoothly. The team at MLMYug has years of experience to develop and design NBFC Software. The team includes engineers, software developers, web designers, software testers, consultants and support team to develop NBFC software and providing uninterrupted support.

Features of NBFC Software

  • Due installment deposit report
  • Easy to deposit the installment on just single click
  • Upcoming due installment report to analyze dues
  • Policy allotment for customers
  • Agent commission statement compensated on installments
  • Complete loan management system
  • All other required reports and features

India as a country, though fast developing has many areas that are still under developed. These rural areas lack banks and any other monetary facilities. There is no means for people from these areas to be able to start a business venture, however small on their own.

The application of NBFC Software in this field proves to be a great advantage. Many big investors seek the help of NBFC Software to access funds. The NBFC's or Non Banking Financial Companies make it a goal to help provide loans to these rural areas and also help the people establish a business of their own. This is done with the help of a lot of local presence and the maintenance of good relationships with the customer. The NBFC Software is mainly produced to help create awareness among the public regarding concepts solutions for banking.

NBFC's Flavor - Non-Banking Financial Company

  • Gold Loan
  • Vehicle/ Auto Finance Company
  • Education Loans
  • Personal Loan
  • Property Loan - Mortgage Loans
  • Micro Finance Companies
  • Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit
  • Bank Channel Partner

The fact that it can be accessed from all around the globe is a definite advantage. What makes it better is that the customer support provided is available 24x7 to make the customer's work and businesses go smoothly without any small difficulty. NBFC Software aims at providing people in rural areas with no access to regular banking services with some sort of a platform to gain loan facilities and guidance throughout their business ventures.

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