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MLM Binary Plan Software

The MLM Binary plan is most popular MLM plan among the MLM companies, MLM business individuals, part-timers, network marketers and all other members who want to start their MLM business. The concept of Binary MLM plan is based on two legs network growth whereas one on left side and another on right side. When one person joins the network, he/she introduce new joiners either on left or right side in the Binary Tree Structure, where one side is referred to power leg and another side is profit leg.

Power leg in MLM Binary Plan grows even when the member previously enrolled in the tree recruits the new members and added into the tree on the leaf position in the tree where the profit leg increased when a member introduce for self benefit. Some other criteria also matched for binary compensation distribution like 1:1 and 1:2 or 2:1 concept. The binary capping concept also integrated into the MLM software so that the access payments for the members can be stopped.

MLM Yug has developed lots of Binary Plan MLM Software for many domestic and International MLM companies, which are fully satisfied with our support and services.

Advantages of Binary MLM Plan

  • When a new member joins the network, all upline get benefitted by binary points.
  • A member's upline recruits new members under the downline, the process is called spillover and the new member placed into the leaf position into the binary tree through which downlines power leg increases.
  • You just need to concentrate on the profit leg to get benefits in the binary plan.
  • The Binary MLM Plan is a team efforts business where up-line sales give the benefits to their down-line.

MLM Yug Software's – Benefits

  • Web based Application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Real–Time Access
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accuracy & Consistency
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Free MLM Consultancy

MLM Binary Software Features

  • Member Management
  • MLM Report
    • Downline / Upline Report, Left Right Member List
    • Geneology Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)
  • e-Pin Management
  • Multiple Secure e-Wallet
  • Payout Statement

FREE MLM Binary Plan Software Demo

Apart from these also study the background of your software provider and take demo of the software before making the purchase. Find what works for you the best. You never know what your distributors might want from you, therefore understand them before you choose your software. Though most, change and accommodate as per the requirements at different stages but you wouldn't want to take a risk. Make sure that your Software provider is willing to offer you after sale services which will help you keep your software functioning and organising your business flawlessly

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