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Binary Plan is most popular and evergreen MLM Plan in multi level marketing industry

MLM Binary Plan Software

MLM Binary Plan Software – An Introduction

MLM Binary Plan software is a pivotal cog for companies that want to excel in the market and project their business modules outright. Several organizations, irrespective of their size and scale, use the software for greater lead generation, business management, binary network and commission management.

The MLMYug has incorporated features in the software that enhance the functionality for companies using them and draw exponential results. It includes report management.

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Multi-Level Marketing Software – Top Choice for Service Seekers

When it comes to developing the best MLM Binary Plan Software, MLMYug stands at the top of the list for software service seekers. It also helps in pushing the envelope towards the customer base in India. It takes pride in offering smart teams of experts that provide unparalleled experience within and beyond the industry. The tremendous technical assistance includes user-friendly designs, swift payment gateways, a features’ dashboard, binary software equipped with API integrations, and customizable software that can be molded flexibly as per the requirements. All that and more with updated versions -

  • 1It can be understood easily without any intervention
  • 2Financial reports can be created in large numbers
  • 3Receive the reports that are sponsored
  • 4Get a fabulous presentation with comprehensive data in ascending order
  • 5Users' data of MLM companies is present in the updated form
Features of Binary Software Plan

Features of Binary Software Plan

  • The customer can avail of user panels that are easily manageable. Managers can create their profiles simply and without hassles. Moreover, it updated the position of status, network reach, down lines etc.
  • Give ear to the requirements of customers while designing the website
  • Exhibiting alterations in the network in a glimpse, including rewards, individual accounts, payouts, promotions, and more.

MLMYug Software's – Benefits

  • Web based ApplicationWeb based Application
  • 100% Cost-Effective100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Real–Time Access24/7 Real–Time Access
  • User-Friendly InterfaceUser-Friendly Interface
  • Accuracy & ConsistencyAccuracy & Consistency
  • 24/7 Tech Support24/7 Tech Support
  • MLM ConsultancyMLM Consultancy
  • Free MLM Software DemoFree MLM Software Demo

MLM Binary Software Features

  • Member ManagementMember Management
  • Team ManagementTeam Management
  • e-Pin Managemente-Pin Management
  • Multiple Secure e-WalletMultiple Secure e-Wallet
  • Payout StatementPayout Statement
  • MLM ReportMLM Report
    • Downline / Upline Report, Left Right Member List
    • Geneology Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)

FREE MLM Binary Plan Software Demo

It is recommended that before zeroing in on a service provider, one needs to formulate it through various parameters so that no issues occur post purchasing it. The plan should be compared well with other services. The Demo is one of the aspects that do that accurately. Sales, support, and business framework, along with business framework, must be tested.

MLMYug is offering the plan that abandons all your doubts and jitters regarding the selection of a pre-eminent MLM plan. One can request a free MLM software demo to learn where it fits best and how it differs from others. Checking the suitability gives an advantage to the customers.

About MLM Binary Plan
MLM Industry is Most Popular Concept

When talking about the MLM binary plan, it tops the charts of popularity among its competitors as the MLM plan, part-timers, MLM businesses, several network marketers, sellers, and those members who are dreaming of making it big in the MLB business. The entire idea of the Binary MLM plan sits on two legs that are situated on the left and the right. Thus, when a person joins the chain, they either add them on the left side or the right one. It is called the binary tree structure. One leg is introduced as a profit leg, while the other one is introduced as a power leg.

Binary MLM Plan - Binary Plan Calculation - How its Work?

Turn-key solutions for top MLM industries

The expectations are higher from our software and deliver on that to the top MLM industry seekers. The default features on the dashboard are here to assist with the excellence depending on the basis of the users you are catering to and product type.

  • Health & Wellness
    Health & Wellness
  • Investment Plans
    Investment Plans
  • E-learning & Educational
    E-learning & Educational
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
    Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • E-commerce & Shopping
    E-commerce & Shopping
  • Financial & Insurance
    Financial & Insurance
  • Helping /Gift/ Donation
    Helping /Gift/ Donation
  • Deals & Digital Ads
    Deals & Digital Ads
  • Rewards & Loyalty
    Rewards & Loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions

A. As the name specifies, the MLM Binary Plan is a compensation plan built on two legs, known as the left leg and the right leg under every distributor. These legs are also called subtrees. Each new member needs to join two more trees (people) under him and it continues, forming a long tree format.
A. The binary bonus is the amount paid to the distributor according to the sales achieved by the weaker leg of the binary tree.
A. If a distributor achieves balanced sales from both the legs in a certain ration, he is awarded with some amount known as the pairing bonus.
A. When a downline member gets some bonus, a percentage of this amount is given to the sponsor. This amount is known as matching bonus.
A. The direct referral bonus is the amount paid to the distributor for referring a new member in the binary tree.
A. Hybrid binary plans are the plans that are a combination of more than two plans, one of which is a binary plan. We develop different combinations of hybrid binary plans including Binary + Unilevel, Binary + Generation and Binary + Matrix plans.
A. Each person in the MLM binary plan earns according to the sales made by their subtrees or downline sales force. However, in some binary plans, only one leg earns the commission, known as the pay leg.
A. Yes, A User can get a fully fledged idea regarding the use of Binary Plan Calculator by observing the complete guideline of MLM Calculator working.
  • Joining Amount : Enter your package/Joining amount without product cost.
  • Referral Income : Enter Direct Sponsor/Referral Income.
  • Binary Level : Select Binary Level for Total Binary calculation.
  • First Pairs Type : Select First Pairs 1:1 or 2:1 - 1:2 distribution.
  • First Pairs Income : Enter First pairs amount distribution.
  • Second Pairs Type : Select Second Pairs 1:1 or 2:1 - 1:2 distribution.
  • Second Pairs Income : Enter Second pairs amount distribution.
  • Daily Binary Capping : Enter numeric daily maximum Binary Income.
A. MLM plans are legal in India under such circumstances. If the company works on distribution or sales of some genuine products, they are completely legal. However, the Government of India has banned some money circulation schemes that seek money from people on the name of joining the company/plan.
A. Yes, we have fully-fledge software available for demo. However, you may only access the user panel and the admin panel of the software. Since we create each software from the scratch, our readymade software is only for judging its efficiency.
A. Yes, you may gain all the information about the working of the Binary Plan Calculator in detailed guides published on our website. You may also access some blog posts on our website describing the work process of the binary plan calculator.
A. Yes, we can customize your software as per your needs. Since you may have some unique requirements, we make sure that each MLM binary plan software we develop is unique to its requirements.
A. The Software is built with .Net C# SQL Server, HTML 5, jQuery and Bootstrap.
A. Yes, enabling cryptocurrency as a payment method is our specialty. We create highly secured binary plans that accept all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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