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Free MLM Calculator | MLM Income Calculation Formula

Getting ready to invest a fortune in MLM business?

Wish to achieve your MLM business goals instantly? Our innovative set of advanced MLM Plan Calculator solutions helps in bringing the best solution. Our advanced range of MLM calculator software helps in motivating you to come across new opportunities to achieve the respective MLM goals. At MLMYug, the advanced MLM calculator helps in calculating the commissions instantly as you provide the necessary inputs.

While availing the benefits of our MLM Plan Calculator solutions, you can come across three relevant solutions.

Binary MLM Calculator

MLM Binary Calculator

When it comes to the wide range of MLM plans, the Binary Compensation Plan is the most famous one out there. In the given compensation plan, you are allowed to recruit two new members as the respective left leg & the right leg. Delivering the individual roles as your power leg & profit leg, these binary members help in laying the foundation of the entire compensation plan.

When you make use of our revolutionary Binary MLM Calculator, you will find it easier to use while obtaining instant results. At the same time, the calculator allows multiple users to check in at a time. Moreover, multiple currencies can be specified for the calculation of the commission or bonus. You can calculate Matching Bonus, Sponsor Bonus, and Binary Bonus. The same can be calculated either in percentage or in amount.

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MLM Matrix Calculator

In comparison to Binary MLM Calculator, the Matrix MLM Calculator helps in calculating the Matrix Compensation Plan having its own pre-defined set of the matrix. The matrix helps in fixing the depth as well as width to its maximum values effectively. One of the major benefits offered by the Matrix MLM Calculator is that it allows a maximum number of recruits to be included in the given compensation plan.

The overall calculation of bonus or commission by using the Matrix MLM Calculator tends to be simpler. This is because it is achieved by using a fixed value for both the depth & the width of the matrix. The Matrix MLM Calculator by MLMYug helps in calculating the overall commission in percentage or in amount. Moreover, multiple currencies can be set for calculating the bonuses.

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Matrix MLM Calculator
Unilevel MLM Calculato

MLM Unilevel Calculator

If you happen to be a beginner in using the advanced MLM calculators, the Uni-level MLM Calculator is an ideal choice. The Uni-Level MLM Compensation Plan is known to provide an unlimited width. At the same time, it allows the users to recruit an unlimited number of recruits in a single line to the given frontline. By adding more recruits to the given line, the users can expect increased commissions. At the same time, there is no limitation on extending the frontline in the given compensation plan.

The Uni-Level MLM Calculator serves to be quite similar to both binary & matrix MLM calculators and helps in motivating the recruits at the same time.

Try Unilevel MLM CalculatorView Demo

Make the most of the innovative set of advanced MLM compensation plan calculators – depending on your specific requirements. Get the most for your MLM business with the help of a reliable MLM calculator solution by MLMYug!

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