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Advance list of features in Our MLM Software !

Considering the most innovative and business favoring features of MLM software.

Features of MLM Software

MLMYug with its highly skilled developers serves to be the star of the mlm software development industry. We bring you the most competitive MLM Software packages which are customer-oriented and derive an escalated growth and efficient return for your business.

Free MLM Software Demo

Caring for your valuable funds and their correct appropriation, we even provide you free mlm software demo in order to test the reliability of the software. The demo helps you to understand the need of your business and to find your preferred solution.

Unlimited Members

The software is designed in such a way that it supports making connections to the target market. Increased members are managed at the back office system, taking care of the profile, details and other simple instructions.

Easy to Operate

Any person with basic knowledge of computers will find it easy to operate the software. The features have been designed user friendly and inclusion of primary plug inns has made it functioning easier.

Web-Based Solution

An effective web-based solution helps you achieving success in membership statistics and data for your business and organization. The technical issues are dealt in by our backend service providers.

Responsive Design Template

Attractive designer templates are available to make your business portal look appealing and innovative. Any presentation gives an impression of your organization which is carefully selected and applied as per your requirements and brand image.

Secured E-Pin

The software is guarded by a secured code generated individually for members protecting any falsification and payment loss.

Custom MLM Business Plans

MLMYug provides various plans and concepts to sell your products and services through various customers and affiliates joining the network. The individual business owners and companies have gained uplift in terms and clientele and members.

Multiple Payout/ Plan

Single software can handle multiple plans, like binary, matrix and others. Thus keeping different plans is not cumbersome and is possible using MLM software.

Automatic Payout Processing/ calculation

Auto-generated and well calculated payout of product sale and service frees you from the hustle of maintaining accounts and auditing them.

E-commerce Integration

Integration of the MLM software with an e-commerce facility provides your business an elevation due to its easy registration, purchase and payment options.

Change Sponsor & Repositioning

A particular member can be sponsored by multiple sponsors and after picture positioning gets successfully updated.

Sales and Income Report

It becomes easy to track activities of members, all incomes, expenses and sale summary can be easily examined.

Multiple E-wallet

Payments and receipt between multiple members require assistance, which can be easily directed by the efficacy of MLM software.

Franchise Management

Grow your business through franchisee through easy and success support of MLM software services to avail ease in ordering and processing request.

Integrated with Inventory Software

Opting for Inventory software is helpful is managing business, keeping a full record of sale, purchase, closing stock and recognized sales

Network and Team Explorer

An entire team of members and clients can be managed through this MLM software plans. Small businesses have more chances to grow now.

Down-Line and Up-Line Listing

Network management of multiple down-line and Up-line members can easily be tangled here. Any important policy or decision can be easily discussed between members.

Support System/ Ticket system

A ticketing support system helps to provide consistent support and quick solutions to members regarding their issues.

Live Chat Module

For trespassing any core information between the team members internally live chat is a potent application.


Minute notifications regarding payouts, deliveries, new additions, and the like are quite vital for smooth functioning.

Some additional Features of MLM Software on the list are:

Strong Backup

Data failure can be easily restored with the help of a backup system, hence less risk.

Fast, Secure & Reliable

The system stands out all clouds and is the fastest, secure and the most reliable for all small and big business structures. The notifications, instructions and the upgradations to any policy or product can be easily informed.

Modern Technology

Equipped by the latest web technologies such as c#, Ajax, JQuery, JSON and the like, the software holds the highest compatibility with the associated environment.

Multi-user/Role Management

Leveled positioning can be done by making use of the Admin powers, and the same can even be edited as per the circumstances.

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