Growth prospects of Network marketing in 2020
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The new face of 2020 – earning and marketing

Growth prospects of Network marketing in 2020

Growth prospects of Network marketing in 2020
Post on June 25, 2020

Growth prospects of Network marketing in 2020

The economic stagnation in the country has called in for the performance-based relativity to acquire jobs or other strivings in the industry-wide sectors. The entrepreneurs have now become strict to give chances to real players rather than just degree and experience holders. The industry training and recruitment has experienced a 360-degree change instead of following the Hippocratic rules of the past.

Present status of the Economy

The status of an employee in the industry is now linked with its sparking doer capability and those who cannot win the marathon are ultimately side-glanced. Though this is the situation after the pandemic, Indians have never relied on one source to lift their spoons. Every job worker is either involved in investing or some sought of network marketing trade to earn the passive income for the family.

We Indians are known to be sharp and quick-witted when it comes to selling and convincing people. The joy of living and earning simple is the basic mantra of Indians and many around the world. The influence made through word of mouth works more efficiently here rather than any advertisement on the TV.

MLM Period - It's time to prove independence

Visualizing the current situation, it is quite favored for the MLM industry to gain its form. To cope with the dark phase has been our forte since independence. You can see, just after the release of the pandemic, how the entire industry changed its selling constituents, to increase the efficiency and support the country, to develop the PPE kits, vaccine research, medicine production and supply, bed production, and other medical types of equipment.

Small businesses in India are run by small entrepreneurs by pooling of resources, or by the collaboration of the women or people of similar interests, that has recently gain height from 2016 onwards. Not only this, but big brands have also entrusted women to revolve their products in the market through chain selling and not publicly merchandising it.

What are the products sold in MLM?

The spices, cosmetics, generally usable home-based products such as FMCG products, health care products, cooking vitals, medicines, disinfectants, protein products, specially made plastic products, and many more are sold on a wide range to millions of household on daily basis. The members of these network chains after receiving certain recognition or on fulfilling the earmark standards are trained in seminars, and other development training to receive a better status quo and direct others to achieve their targets.

MLM businesses have simply allowed the non-working neighborhood to gain expertise and acknowledgments. The working of the dependent sector can simply lead the economic slowdown to improve. Teenagers, young students, and the middle-aged women have successfully taken over the charge to take network marketing to its peak.

Direct Selling Market in India

The culture of direct selling has always been responsive in India, and you must know that we Indians are a pro at it. One of the traditional forms promoted by the ultra-modern methods is what is called Network Marketing. It involves a chain formation of members who are added to the network on profitable platforms.

Get Insights on the future of Network Marketing Industry after Lockdown

Since the entire country has been in the state of lockdown for more than two months, and not just India, typically the entire world, which is unleashing or releasing the stringent measures one by one for now and more in the next few weeks. But one thing that cannot be denied is that the world will not be the same thereafter when we will be out for work.

Though the air around is fresher, we are not free to breathe in.

The world must have been changed upside down when the consistent real-time working will start. There are some people, who think that the world is doomed for them, as there seems no income source for them especially the maids, house-helpers, temporary and casual workforce who rely on daily wages, hotel industry, fast-food and beverage industry, and the like, while some are equally hopeful for their promising future, such as media, online industry, software development, news, medical, pharmacy, health care industry, and the similar loop.

Every impossibility and uncertain things are now tested to reap advantages in every possible manner. For some, certain boundaries and restrictions are created while for some it has quietly been lifted. Now let's look to some facts below:

Why Network Marketing will grow faster after the Lockdown

Here we will discuss certain possibilities and reasons as to why the Network Marketing business will go crazy after the lockdown. There is a strong belief that the network marketing business will experience an industry boom from now onwards. This CORONA lockdown has made some major mind shifts in billions of people all around the world, and not just between some numbers.

Some deep realizations include:

  • #1 People have exceptionally realized the Importance of having a Second Income Source The majority of the jobs and job workers are in danger, due to the steep fall of the economy. Those who are still surviving on their job have realized that there is an urgent need to look for another source while holding the first, as to not be flushed out in the uncertain heavy rain, but the same needs to be done without disturbing the time and performance of the first one.
    The investment immunity of people has grown weaker for now. Within all the constraints of time and money, one has to develop the second income source. For this, the absolute model, that is provable, doable, legal, profitable, logical, and can act as a second income source is Network Marketing.
  • #2 People have understood the importance of building immunity and consumption of health supplements Be it a doctor, old-age, middle-age, or children, all need to have better health and stronger immunity to survive in 2020 and beyond. They have now understood the importance of preventive health care systems. The network marketing companies previously focusing and creating awareness on health supplements have all failed to deliver the message which is now being greatly heeded upon.
  • #3 People have realized the Importance of having Reserve Funds for contingency The time doesn't remain the same always, and not every time somebody would stand to help you. You must be self caretaker, manager of funds, spending on urgent necessities, and saving the rest. People across the globe are being laid off; previously wealthy and talented workers are also facing this state of destitute. The companies that are badly affected due to this, hospitality, catering, events, service sector, are forced to declare layoffs and regressive salary cuts.
    Now people have realized that it is not an option to keep reserve funds but a necessity to ensure survival. Since wealth is calculated to be, ‘How many days you can survive if you're current Income stops?' After this current source of income stops, for how many days you can maintain the same lifestyle matters a lot.
    To create reserve funds and sustain in the future, without affecting the primary source, Network Marketing is again the answer.
  • #4 People have realized to build businesses that don't require setup costs People need to build virtual businesses that do not need preliminary office, staff, set-up, and that is why the importance of freelancers has increased. The businesses with zero set-up costs are the need of the hour. And the best option put forward is again Network Marketing business.
    These realizations have proven that the futuristic economy craves the need for Network Marketing, which is simple, easy to go for, and creates a substantial amount of secondary income.

The new face of Network Marketing after Lockdown in 2020-21

The percentage and sale volume received from the online market will witness a major increase in the new phase of 2020.

  • Due to the laws of social distancing and the fear of being infected with the virus has created more and more people to order the necessities online.
  • Online Presentation, training, webinars, will become the new normal rather than the office setup which initially paid high importance.
  • New technologies, tools, and idea orientations to reform the initial history of working online will be outgrown.
  • A new and better style of working will emerge and relevant protection and safety from scams will also be innovated.
  • Social media will be of greater importance. Companies and individuals will need to grow faster to adapt and compete with these new practices.
  • Society is expecting a new tribe of network leaders in the coming time.
  • Old rules of experience and degrees will replace the new norms of performance and result in a new online economy by technology and online media.
  • New rules of the game will be set by the new rulers of the online kingdom. The old trendsetters need to retire or change accordingly.
  • The pace of development in technology and ways to evolve will now arrive early which were expected to be confronted after a decade.
'CORONA HAS BEEN THE CATALYST OF BRINGING ABOUT A MASSIVE TECHNOLOGICAL SHIFT IN THE WAY NETWORK MARKETING HAS BEEN DONE', analyzed by the market leaders.Who will be the top income Earning Companies in 2020 & beyond?Who will be the new leaders of the market and who will lead the economy forward? The qualities of the network marketers evolving in 2020 and beyond must be exceptional, adaptable, and flexible.
  • Faster adoption of new technology and new work system environment.
  • Long term vision with stronger missions will be the basis to survive.
  • Crossing geographical boundaries will be the new ordinary.
  • Updating skills, mindset, understanding market requirements, and market analysis will be their impeccable forte.
  • They will build themselves as a brand rather than selling superficially.
  • Consistently work to improve their online presence.

To win the race of the future, you need to start exercising now as the preliminary condition states survival of the fittest. So, you need to start now to take the full benefit of the new phase of the network marketing era. Grab the growing opportunities as and when they come, and if want to become the leader, typically try to create one to outscore the competition.

Because now you are not just surrounded by the expected knowledge and competence of your kin competition domestically, but the game plan has been launched internationally, where you cannot always expect the knowledge, skill, and mindset of the global competitive players in your race. There are no rules in this game except to be victorious. Here the preparations, foreseeability, speculation, market analysis, adaptability need to shift in gears. It's time to act and decide quickly and deals with the circumstances rather than sit back and plan.

Change is not an option now but a necessity to survive.

Now the success is not the destination but to be in the race is the priority. To adapt, change, compete, and create the new history because today the matter is not to win but to ensure your existence first. Act today to not repent tomorrow. Try our Best MLM Plans to change your position and act on the spot to grow when others are just preparing.

Take our MLM Software Demo to testify the right customization needed for your product or services in the market. Our developers at MLMYug devote their valuable time to give consultations to your new ideas and suggest the required development.

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