A Leadership Laboratory for Life
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A Leadership Laboratory for Life

Leadership is not a definition to be read in books or an education learnt in schools, it is something that experience and facing the situational reality teaches you. The act of taking the whole group of people into a single direction fulfilling the organization goal by heading towards the individual object is the crux of the Leadership aspect.

A Leadership Laboratory for Life

Education: A formal education though plays a great role in learning the base building aspects of Leadership. Education is taken as a life-time learning criteria. Because this is something not taught once in a lifetime but is taught by every level of the lifetime. When one can focus and discipline itself for the achievement of the goals is when one reaches, the eligibility to be promoted to the category of the leadership council. The term is deliberately taken casually but involves in itself the huge stakes of experience, patience, learning, and timely execution in the past.

Pride: it acts as a weed to the plant, which hinders the growth of a person and is left by an idea of knowing better than others. It often leaves you in a situation of not considering others viewpoints to the reason that they cannot be right, at least not beyond him. Believing you to be an expert is the limitation that we put to our repertoire of skills to be learned without any extra effort.

Network Marketing is tamed to draw highly educated people into the profession as it unmatched the regular criteria of living a normal life of the school and a high profile job. They are really happy with their present situation and fosters no effort in building their dream life. Network Marketing is not something that thwarts the personal knowledge and education collected over the years but brings in itself a visible change. It dedicates the individual to serve others on their path to success.

"To be followed by someone, one needs to become an example and not just a position. The best light comes when we shine from within."

The Network Marketing is the most powerful educational mechanism that not only coaches individual skills but also imparts a real-life laboratory where one can sharpen and evolve these skills to new and upgraded ones to achieve the desired results.

Exploiters: In a way, they hate this exam due to the lack of leadership threat of being routinely exposed in the laboratory of life. In contrast, the producers are the ones to get awarded for their worth and identifiable talent.

To be in Network Marketing, one should not always brag about his expertise and achievements but value others for their talent. On the other hand, if a person having good communication skills, having a habit of listening, and serving others for their needs get followed by a considerate share of the society.

The theory of Network Marketing doesn't allow a blind brain game to continuously follow what others are doing, it requires a careful vigilance onto looking or keeping a close watch to your competitors, but continue analyzing the impact of the steps taken and revalue the shortcomings in their action to be improvised when executing your strategy.

A strong and unbiased filter to your own biases, and to observe and judge yourself is the first step of service leadership. The strengths and weaknesses should be carefully known. The objective of the organization, individual goals, methods to illuminate motivation to turn their interests, desires and needs to their efficiency at work. What does your conscience says about the leadership laboratory? is it similar to the life leadership? Is it beneficial for the society, industry and businesses?

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