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MLM Business in India

MLM means Multi-Level Marketing known as referral marketing strategy to a business model which a salesperson recruited to sale products and services get compensation as rewards or incentives for particular sale of products and services. The already recruited promoter recruits new promoter as his/ her downline for further sales of products and services. When a downline promoter sales the products or services the upline promoters get benefits from his/ her downline sales.

The MLM business strategy do not need to advertise in advertising media, it is a word of mouth advertising strategy in which each networker motivates their downline to sale of products and services.

There is no specific Act for Multi-level marketing business in India. Recently the State Government of Rajasthan and State Government of Kerela issued some guidelines and notifications regarding the MLM business.

MLM Yug is a leading company which offers their MLM software services and support for all types of MLM plan.

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