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Exclusive MLM Software The ultimate featured MLM Software most suited for corporate MLM industries to achieve huge levels of MLM.

MLM Software Company offers Online MLM Software as complete MLM business solutions. Our Express MLM Software Packages includes Administrator Panel, Member Panel and Website for the visitor to visit the various products and your business package. In our Online MLM Software Packages Admin can explore all kinds of reports, view the structure of Genealogy, Downline, Upline.

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Add on features other than Deluxe MLM Software Package

RD/FD Management/ NBFC Module

Recurring deposit and fixed deposit management as well as Non-banking financial companies modules to manage their deposits, loans, maturity amount etc.

Loan Management/Microfinance Module

This module provides you all the features to manage loans and microfinance companies including installments of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Team of SEO professionals works for your website to increase your website rank in the search engine results.

MLM Mobile Apps

This MLM Mobile Apps the Members can freely use their funds through the mobile device i.e. they can generate e-pins, transfer fund etc. using MLM Mobile Apps.

Real Estate Management Module

The MLM companies who deals in real estates and properties, we offers a module to manage all the operations including installment plans.

MLM Plan Consultancy

A team of expert MLM consultants who offers their best suggestions for your MLM business plan.

Exclusive MLM Software Package with all Features

Administration Module

  • Member Module
    • Sign Up Member
    • Update Member Info Detail
    • Search Member ID, Name, City, Mobile, Pan No., Referral ID etc.
    • Manage Password (View Details, Update)
    • Manage Transaction Password (View Details, Update)
  • Account/Payout Reports
    • Payment Statement
    • Generate Payout/ Income
    • Issue Cheuqes
    • Update Old Cheque
    • Paid Payout Statement
  • Tracking Reports
    • All registered Members List
    • Member Status/Detail
    • Direct Frontline
    • Downline
    • Genealogy – Tree
    • Referral - Matrix Tree
    • Binary Tree
    • Member wise Payment Status
    • Level Report
    • Income wise Payout Detail
    • Mobile/ Email ID List
    • Issue Cheque List
    • Pancard No Report
  • Achievements & Promotion Reports
    • Achiever List
    • Manage Promotions, Rewards, Incentive
    • Rewards Achiever List
    • Issue Rewards
    • Rewards Delivered Report
  • Deductions Detail
    • TDS Report
    • Processing Charge
    • Admin Charge
    • Month wise Collection / Payout Summary

E-Pin Generator Module

  • Generate e-Pin as Per Joining Package
  • Issue E-Pin
  • Cancel E-Pin
  • E-Pin Status Report (Used, Cancel)
  • Search E-Pin
  • E-Pin Ttransfer
  • Transferred E-Pin History

MLM Mobile Apps

  • Manage E-Pin (Generate, Issue, Cancel)
  • Tracking Reports
  • Generate Payout
  • Payout Reports
  • Manage Wallet (E-Pin Generate, Fund Withdraw)
  • Updates Latest News
  • Manage Members

Dynamic Operator/ Staff Control Module

  • New Operator/ Staff Entry
  • Edit/Update everything
  • Tree view, Issue Cheque etc.
  • Print Report Like Downline, Tree & Statement etc.
  • Full Controlled by admin

SMS Management Module

  • Joining SMS
  • Welcome SMS
  • Transaction SMS
  • Birthday SMS
  • Customize SMS to Member
  • Payment SMS
  • Integration as per requirement

Re-Purchase Management Module

  • Manage Repurchase Item (Create, Update, Block)
  • Set Repurchase Item Business Volume (PV/ BV)
  • Accumulative Repurchase Report
  • Repurchase Payout
  • Customized repurchase Reports as per need.

Franchise Management Module

  • Manage Franchise (Create, Detail, Update Info, Block)
  • Issue Franchise E-Pin, Stock
  • Franchise Stock Status
  • Franchise Business Summary (Day, Week, Month Wise)
  • Franchise to Other franchise Stock Transaction
  • All Tracking Reports as per need

RD/FD Management/ NBFC Module

  • Manage Agent
    • Create Agent
    • Agent List
    • Agent Promotion Master
    • Agent Collection Report
    • Agent Commission Master
    • Agent Wise Customer report
  • Manage Customer
    • Add Customer
    • Customer List
    • Customer Installment Master
    • Renewal Deposit
    • Block / Unblock Customer
  • Scheme Master
  • Maturity Status Report
  • Due Renewal Report
  • Active / Deactivate agent
  • Penalty Statement
  • Print Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

  • Website Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Posting
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Finalize
  • Back Linking
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Initial Ranking Report

Loan Management/Microfinance Module

  • Make Loan Scheme
  • Loan Scheme Master
  • Installment Scheme Master
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Installments
  • Penalty & Grace Period Setting
  • Payment Collection Report
  • Current Balance Status
  • Due Installment List
  • Maturity Status Report

Member Control Module

  • Dash Board
  • Manage Profile (View, Update)
  • Downline List
  • Referral - Matrix Tree
  • Binary Tree
  • E-Pin Box
  • E-Pin Transfer
  • Wallet
    • Wallet Statement
    • E-Pin Generate by Wallet
    • Fund Withdraw
    • Fund transfer Facility
    • E-Pin transfer History
  • Account Status
  • Level Achieved Information
  • Commission Statement
  • Update Password
  • Show Promotion Report
  • Logout

Website Design Module

Complete website designing according to needs and customer's concept

  • Main Page
  • About us
  • Vision, Mission of company
  • Business Plan/Opportunity
  • Products, Package
  • Member Login
  • Member Sign Up
  • Legal
  • Terms & condition
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Us

Content Management (CMS) Module

  • New Products
  • Downloads
  • Photos
  • Latest News/Updates
  • Seminars/Training Schedule
  • New Rewards
  • Reward/Royalty Achievers

E-Wallet System Module

  • Wallet Statement
  • E-Pin Generation
  • Add/remove Fund To wallet
  • Fund transfer to other IDs
  • E-Pin Transfer
  • E-Pin Transfer History
  • Refund of Generation E-Pin s
  • CR/DR & All Transaction as per need

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Alert Pay
  • CCAvenue
  • Pay Pal
  • EBS
  • PayU
  • DirecPay
  • Zaakpay

Product Management Module

  • Unlimited N-Level Category Management
  • Manage Products Multi Categorywise
  • Manage Product (Add/ Edit/ Update/ Block)
  • Product Detail
  • Sales Reports
  • Print Invoices

Stock/Inventory Management Module

  • Manage Branch/ Staff
  • Company Stock Status Report
  • Manage Franchisee
  • Manage Purchase Order, Invoice, Return
  • Manage Sales Order, Invoice, Return
  • Issue Product Franchisee, Stockist
  • Product Stock History
  • Courier Detail
  • Customized Reports as per need

Real Estate Management Module

  • Plot/Scheme Master
  • Plot allotted Detail
  • Installment Scheme Master
  • Down Payment Detail
  • Due Installment
  • Buy Back Report
  • Paid Installment
  • Maturity Report

E-Commerce Module

  • Dynamic Product Catalog
    • N-Level Category Management
    • Product Management (Create, Publish, Add Options)
    • Order Management
    • Customer Management
  • Shopping cart
  • Business Summary (Day, Week, Month Wise)

MLM Plan Consultancy

  • Suggestion In MLM Business Plan
  • Designing In MLM Business Plan
  • Feasibility MLM Business Plan
  • Feasibility Analysis of Business Plan

SMS Banking Module

  • Create E-Pin Send SMS
  • Transfer e-pin With SMS
  • Fund Withdrawal
  • Fund transfer

Document Backup Module

  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Export to Pdf
  • Export to Csv

Domain Registration

  • 1 Domain Registration
  • 5 Sub Domain
  • Domain Control Panel

Web Hosting

  • Window 2008 Server
  • MS SQL 2008 R2
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Email accounts

MLM Yug - Software Packages

Express MLM Software

This budget package of MLM Software integrated with all the basic required features to initiate a MLM, direct selling, network marketing company.

Prime MLM Software

This MLM Software package is transitional which has most features to manage and start a Multi Level Marketing company.

Deluxe MLM Software

The MLM Software package is integrated with advanced features which is used by large number of direct selling company.

Exclusive MLM Software

The ultimate featured MLM Software most suited for corporate MLM industries to achieve huge levels of Multi-Level Marketing Company.

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